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Sunrise Sound Healing

Every Friday Morning 7:30am 3rd street

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Sound Healing

Sunrise Sound Healing
Faena Full Moon
Faena Full Moon
Faena Full Moon
Jungle Magick
Jungle Magick
Jungle Magick
Jungle Magick
Jungle Magick
Sound Healing Master Class
Sound Healing Master Class
Sound Healing Master Class
Sunrise Sound Healing
Sunrise Sound Healing
Sunrise Sound Healing
Sunrise Sound Healing
Sunrise Sound Healing
Sunrise Sound Healing
Beach Drum Bash
Day Breaker
Sunrise Sound Healing
South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra
Post Session Glow

After a wonderful Digital Detox Session. We shared great discussions and stories about the woes of living a hyper-techno existence. . .then exercised a variety of ways to give proper care and love to our nervous systems.

Sacred Space Miami
Sound Temple experience

What an honor to do a sound healing session in Temple Emmanuel on Miami Beach. Incredible space and acoustics. Built in the 1940's before prior to knowing that it would be outfitted with a sound system in the future. You can hear a pin drop. Amazing session!

Sound Temple experience
Sound Healing Course

Weekend Sound Healing Course. . .So proud of these students and how they performed on the Didgeridoo!!

Weekend Sound Course

Crystal & Alchemy Singing bowl training. Extraordinary Vessels.

World Record Group Acupuncture

Didgeridoo Sound Healing during the NSEV Acufestival. The World's largest group acupuncture session!

Diplomat Hotel

Full Moon Sound Bash

Didge & Drum Performance @Atmananda

Didge & Drum Performance at Atmananda Yoga

Bahamas Sound Healing

Leading a group sound healing at Luna Beach in the Bahamas

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Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 5.54.47 PM
Luna Beach, Bahamas

Playing live drums during a Yoga class for Bahamas Retreat

15th annual New's Beach Bash

The 3rd Street Sandband is one of my favorite projects. Longest running jam session in Miami.

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Art Basel Drum Performance

Opening Basel Ceremony at Faena Hotel. Played for over 1000 people.

Modern Om Loft

Digital Detox Sound Ceremony

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Sacred Space

Digital Detox Sound Healing Session

Grow With Us School

Sound Healing for parents and community in Pinecrest at Grow With us!!

NSEV Group Acupuncture

Gong & Didgeridoo Sound healing combined with Acupuncture is heaven

Innegy Meditation Studio

Sound healing session at one of my favorite local spots. Innergy Sound Healing. . .

Backyard Sound Healing

Regular Beach Sound Healing Sessions (private or group sessions available).

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Earth Encoded

Deep Sound Journey inside an energy pyramid at Inhale Miami

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South Pointe Elementary

Ocean's pre-k glass. Didgeridoo demonstration and meditation

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Sunrise Sound Healing

Beach Sound Healing!!

Didgeridoo Workshop

Teaching a Didgeridoo Workshop at Virginia Key Grass Roots Festival

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Sound Journey

Sound Journey at The Standard Hotel

Moksha Event

Didgeridoo Performance at the old Moksha Gallery

Middle School Homie

Yoga & Sound Healing sessions with Christa Cantillo. Known each other since 7th grade!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 5.16.20 PM
Didgeridoo Sound healing

Gainsville, Fl with Shibetan Spirits, Ramin Yazdanpanah, Peter Levitov, and Lindsay Dank. All renown Didgeridoo musicians.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.13.40 PM

Oming Out!


My Heart Beat

Double Didge

Double Didge

Digital Caveman

Didgeridoo Festival in Gainsville with Ramin Yazdanpanah & Shibaten spirits

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           Sound Healing

     Jared is the Director and Founder of the Miami Sound Institute and The South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra. He has been making, playing, teaching, and facilitating didgeridoo sound journeys for 25 years. As an experiential educator and multi-instrumentalist he has been on the forefront of sound healing exploration by incorporating drumming and the didgeridoo into a variety of educational settings and healing modalities. He began using sound as therapy in the mid 1990's while teaching poetry to homeless teenagers living in youth shelters and to incarcerated women in the prison system. In the 2000's he spent 10 years working with inner-city, at-risk youth, teenagers and disabled children where he utilized sound/music therapy on a daily basis while teaching digital literacy and filmmaking. In 2009 he began to study and train with the NSEV Acupuncture community learning how to integrate his sound therapy experience into a more clinical and focused model.   

     Jared brings a unique approach to workshop facilitation by blending modern day design concepts & technology with ancient hand-made tribal tools and practices and eastern wisdom traditions. Jared believes that as a culture, now more than ever, as we find ourselves in the midst of a stress epidemic, it's important that we cultivate the art of group relaxation and healing in order to balance out the impact that modern technology and living is having on our minds, bodies, and nervous systems. He is a certified group sound healer in the Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessel Healing system and is a student of Acutonics sound therapy.

     Jared currently facilitates sound healing workshops throughout the country for large and private groups at health centers, hotels & spas, wellness retreats, schools, for cancer and drug recovery patients, and for corporate team building events. 

                        About Jared  


     Jared Bistrong is one of seven children born and raised in Miami. His family are descendants of the original “Conchs” (the earliest Florida settlers) who emigrated to Key West from the Bahamas in the mid 1800's.  

      Jared has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University and has been an educator for over 25 years including time as a high school English, Drama, & Tv Production teacher, a Multimedia Director, a Writing Professor, and a Director of Instructional Design at the college level. He has an extensive background in learning design, multimedia production and workshop facilitation for learners of all ages and levels. He teaches everything from writing, to video production, to instructional technology and learning design, to Sound healing, drums, meditation, breathwork and movement. He lives on Miami Beach with his wife and son. 

      Jared began to take interest in alternative health therapies after losing his mother to cancer in the mid 1990's. At the time, he began to study tai chi and explore eastern medicine and therapeutic & vibrational instruments. After losing his brother to Cancer in 2014, he realized it was time to bring his 20 years of sound healing experience to the forefront, and, since then, has given hundreds of group sound healing events all around the country in hopes of bringing awareness to alternative health therapies and practices that are effective at addressing issues where western medicine seems to fall short.

     He believes we need a balance between eastern and western medicine and that each are incomplete without the other. His vision is to integrate alternative meditation practices such as yoga, tai chi, sound healing, acupuncture and massage into our everyday lives, work places, communities and educational centers.    


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