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About The Training

Join us for a powerful immersive weekend of sound exploration where sound practitioner Jared Bistrong will lead you on an experiential journey through the fundamentals of sound healing.


In Level 1, students learn the art and science of sound healing and will be introduced to a variety of sound healing techniques, modalities and instruments, including drums, percussion, the Didgeridoo, Tibetan Singing bowls, Crystal Singing bowls, flutes, and more. Participants will be provided a strong foundation for cultivating a customized practical sound healing model that can be applied to self-care, meditation, and sharing with small groups.

In Level 1, you will explore:​

  • The art & science of sound healing

  • How to cultivate different Sound Healing tools for your own personal meditative practice

  • An introduction to and how to play Tibetan bowls, the Didgeridoo, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, vocal toning, and more.

  • Importance of intention in Sound Healing

  • How to cultivate and hold space for a Sound Healing session

  • The importance of breath & movement

  • A practical Sound Healing model that can be applied to self-care, group, and private Sound Healing sessions


Who Can Benefit:

  • Anyone interested in self-cultivation and self-care practices

  • Healthcare practitioners from all areas including medical doctors, nurses, acupuncturist, message therapists, and more

  • Beginner and advanced Sound Healers, who want exposure to new instruments

  • Musicians & non-musicians

  • Teachers of all types

  • All mindful humans

At the end of Level 1, you will have been exposed to a variety of instruments/techniques and have a strong foundation forming the basis of your ongoing journey into sound. This weekend course will also qualify you to begin apprenticing with Jared Bistrong & local sound healer Onae. 

Weekend Schedule
November 4, 5, 6
Friday Night
6:30pm -9pm
Saturday & Sunday
Please bring something for Lunch for both Saturday & Sunday. Kitchen w/fridge available. 
84 se 4th Avenue
Deerfield beach, Fl


Cost: $500 

Limited Spots Available: $250 deposit to hold spot or pay in full ViaVenmo: 


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