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  • The Miami Sound Institute's mission is to explore the power of sound as wellness for the 21st Century Human. Through community engagement, Sound Healing Courses, Workshops, and Research, we hope to explore the possibilities and increase the access to the healing and wellness power of Sound by training individuals and groups and providing sound healing services and research so that Sound (no matter what format or modality) can be integrated into all aspects and environments of modern day life. 

  • Through research, workshops, trainings, and community outreach, MSI’s mission is to innovate and integrate the ancient power of sound healing into modern day life in hopes of providing powerful wellness tools and techniques that 21st century humans can utilize in  every aspect of their lives including, home, work, and social environments. 


  • Sound has been the medicine of the past and future, we want to make it the medicine of Today. 

  •  Provide Sound Healing Courses to professionals in all fields

  • Provide regular workshops to community organizations, schools, and businesses

  • Raise funds for research studies that provide valuable insight into how sound can be used to enhance the lives and wellness of 21st century humans.                


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