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30 Day Sunrise Challenge Day 1

2017 already feels like a year of new beginnings offering reflection, broadened visions, and grand possibilities. For me, it's going to be a year about stepping back, jumping on, and riding things out; specifically, allowing the cultivations of 2016 to take new form by simultaneously setting deeper roots

while sprouting fresh new branches of possibilities. I decided to start off the year with a 30 day Sunrise challenge when I had a conversation with Lenny, who said, "there was a study done that showed watching the sunrise for 30 days could change your life and help people with a variety of issues." At that moment, I decided, "yep, sounds good. That's what I'm going to do". This is not a new concept for me; it's been my mantra for the last 16 years while living on Miami Beach. Although I say it a lot, I must admit, I don't observe the sunrise as much as I should, especially since it takes all of two minutes for me to get from my bed to the sand. There's no excuse and I've gotten lazy and have taken this incredible opportunity for granted. So here we go; thirty straight days with no intentions or expectations except showing up and riding it out. Today was quick. I checked the sunrise time last night: 7:08am, set my alarm for 6:50am, hit the snooze button once and made it out to the sand at 7:07am. Watched for 10 minutes and headed home for coffee. . .my day has already been impacted.

I also got to see a group of Magnificent Frigatebirds. These birds are magnificent; hence the name. They have the largest wingspan to body ratio of any bird which gives them incredible flying ability; their form and stealth allows them to fly with such efficiency, almost never having to flap their wings, allowing them to soar over water for days while covering thousands of miles (even sleeping while in the air). If nothing else, this will be my lesson for the whole thirty days; finding efficiency in form and tapping the universe for it's full potential.

#sunrisechalleng #miamibeach #morningmeditation #breathe #sound #water

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