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Day 6: Surfs Up! 30 Day Sunrise Challenge

Over the years, some of the most enjoyable moments we’ve had living on south beach are the days when we get big swells. Surfers all throughout miami, come out in droves and there’s an all around stoked energy in the air reflective of the power of the Ocean. Ely and I have produced several short films over the years, documenting several Hurricane and tropical storm swells. In our early days, when we were still newbies on the beach, we were on the sand during Hurricane Wilma and I shot the only surfer out that day, south beach legend and founder of Kulcha Shok, Lance O’. Then, the following day we there at Sunrise for one of the biggest swells we’ve ever experienced on Miami Beach. We were shooting with a Canon 20D DSLR and a Sony PD-170 3 chip video camera. The 20D at the time, was canon’s first prosumer camera to use an EF-S lens mount which helped bring DSLR’s into the mainstream and pushed resistant traditional film photographers into the digital age.) The PD 170 was the last great 3 chip video camera before the HD age hit. We shot all day, capturing some 1000 images, including some awesome pics and video of Pro Surfer Chris Ward who had been down in Florida storm chasing. We ended up showing our movies at two big surf events at Purdy and Sofi lounge hosted by Lance O’.

Today was beautiful out, and I decided to get the drone out! The waves were monstrous and it was freezing out. No importa! Miami surfers are like jonesing crack heads and will be in the water at any chance under any conditions; and, contrary to popular belief, when south beach is good, it’s good. Tropical weather, warm water, and south beach vibe, and, if your lucky that day, some local photographers might snap some sweet shots and post it on their blog.

Hurricane Wilma (the day after) 2005

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