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Day 7: Burrrrrr! Guess Heads! 30 Day Sunrise Challenge

It was a very cold morning out. Thank goodness Ocean was carrying a blanket with him; as soon as we arrived we jumped down on the ground and tried to bundle up. At one point, I looked out and someone was taking a picture of us. Ely showed up and couldn't find us until she was standing right over us.

Growing up with seven brothers and sisters, there were no shortage of playmates and no shortage of games. There were so many of us, that we had a game or competition for everything, no matter what we were doing. Over the years we made up dozens and dozens of games such as fumble rumble, the tripping game, and 1-2-3 clee clee clee. This morning, as Ocean and I goofed around under the blanket trying to stay warm, I was reminded of one game in particular. "Guess Heads". This was where all seven of us would get underneath a giant blanket and then wrap ourselves up into a giant knot, sticking up elbows, arms, knees, heads and legs. One person would go out of the room and then come back and put there hand on different protruding bumps and try to guess whose head it was. Laughter and play are essential elements of a healthy life; as adults, we need to remind ourselves more often to lighten up, play and not take anything too serious. Who has a childhood game they'd like to share?

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