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DAY 8: "Light" 30 Day Sunrise Challenge

When we woke up it was raining and the skies were dark and grey. At least we could get photos of clouds and rain to prove that we showed up to meet the challenge, right? Ocean and I grabbed the umbrella and headed out. With no expectations and to our surprise, we arrived to a wonderful gift. There was one break in the clouds and it aligned perfectly with where the sun was set to rise. I keep finding myself saying the same thing over and over during this 30 day challenge, "Today's sunrise was the most beautiful yet" and everyday it's been true, except of course, until the next day, and then I find myself saying it again. There simply are no barriers to the wonders that exist everywhere and at every moment of our existence. If you're open to it, everyday brings opportunity to see something you've seen before a thousand times with a new fresh perspective, usually one you've never thought possible before. Light always has a way of finding its way into darkness.

#Light #sunrisechallenge #3rdstreetbeach #rainstorm #clouds #faith

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