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A Decade Old: 30 Day Sunrise Challenge Day 16-27

Today, Ocean turns 10. Just like that. . .he’s 10. For young couples, sometimes the thought of having children can be daunting. I remember this feeling very clearly, and it’s a feeling most expecting couples experience. There’s a fear and anxiety of the unknown. Am I ready? Am I going to be a good mother or father? Am I responsible enough to raise another human being? Are my own dreams over? Are the fun, care-free moments in life finished? This is heavy, life-changing stuff whether you're ready or not.

The older and older I get, the younger and younger I feel, and the less resistant and more appreciative I feel about those goofy child-like moments that still

contain the awe and wonder and mystery of the universe. Sure, I’m older and wiser and know better; but really, in the grand scheme of things, I still know nothing and if anything, the mysteries and wonder of the universe are magnified; in short, the joy of childhood remains with us until the end.

Contrary to what most young expecting parents think about their lives being over after having a child, the exact opposite is true. Having a child is next level stuff; it's natures way of moving us along to the next level of life; if we take our time, parenting can be a deeply profound experience, that speaks to humans on a primordial level and brings with it a deeper joy and a more spiritual existence. It’s a free ticket back to childhood; an opportunity to experience all the wonders of growing up all over again: First time you walked, the first time you swam, first time you sank your hands and feet into the sand. It's also an opportunity to make right what was wrong for us. It’s a reflective journey, an invitation to go back and do it all again while watching your child ecstatically absorb the same magical morsels of life that once ignited your own senses.

I look at my beautiful son Ocean and all I can think about is that he’s living proof of evolution. He was born automatically equipped with characteristics, intelligence and temperament that I had to work for my entire life to obtain (at least partially). I had to flub, explore, discover, suffer, fight and learn things the hard way, and here he is, arriving in this world with all of it already built in. Now, it’s his turn to explore the next level of worlds and consciousness, utilizing these tools to push evolution even further, and, someday have kids of his own, that arrive with all he arrived with and then all of what he earned himself. And there you have it, a slice of evolution, playing out right before our eyes.

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