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Live Sound Healing Concert Day 30 Sunrise Challenge

As mentioned when I began this 30 Day sunrise challenge, I wasn't sure what the purpose would be or even what would become of it. Here I am at the end, and it's still unknown. But one thing I have learned in life in my 44 years, is that what we put out into the world, is what we get back, whether we're conscious of it or not. After the time and love I put into writing, photographing, videoing and building a blog, somehow, someway, I believe the universe will find a way to give back; even if it's not right away or immediately obvious. If nothing else, I have a great memory that Ocean and I will take with us forever.

One week before the end of the challenge I was contacted from an old friend and college roommate who is a producer of a new project by Univision called Ulab. He had seen my blog and sunrise challenge and a few mini concerts I had given (see below) and had an idea of doing a live, multi-cam facebook event of me performing a morning sound healing concert at sunrise for Ulab. It just so happened, it landed on the very final day of my Sunrise Challenge and couldn't have been a more fitting way to have ended this wonderful journey. Sound healing is something I believe passionately in and have been working to bring to as many people as possible; because quite frankly, we're at a time in history where we need it. We're over worked, over stressed and over teched, and if we don't learn how to relax as a culture real soon, we're going to continue to see the outrageous rate of people dying from a multitude of diseases that at one time in history were only associated with old people. Not only do we need to learn how to relax, but we need to learn how to do it together as a community and so that's my larger goal with sound healing. What do you think? Is there potential for an ongoing live concert series? Let me know. Here's the concert, enjoy!

Ulab Project

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