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  • Sound Healing Training & Certification Program             Join my six week sound healing training programs that

          lead to sound healing apprenticeship and certification. 

  • Virtual Sound Healings Via Zoom

             -In times of need these online sound healings are                        extremely powerful. I am a multimedia specialist                      and instructional designer and have been designing                  online experiences for over 15 years at the Collegiate                Level. Please contact me for special pricing.

  • Work Place Sound Healing Workshops

    • These are an excellent way to boost productivity in high stress work environments. These are customized workshops that boost creativity, create synergy among employees, and are excellent for team building. Participants come away relaxed with an increased clarity and with a variety of stress relieving techniques that can be applied to the workplace on a daily basis.  


  • Corporate Team Building Workshops

    • These team building workshops provide an atmosphere and experience that allow companies and employees a chance to see and learn about each other in new ways that help build more trust and respect among each other and ultimately result in better and more productive working conditions.

  • Private Sound healing sessions

    • These sessions are geared towards client's needs, ailments and imbalances. They vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and can help patients deal with a variety of ailments including stress, sleep deprivation, and digestion issues to name a few. 

  • Wellness Retreats 

    • ​Wellness retreats tailored to your needs that include exotic locations, sound healing,​​​​ yoga, acupuncture and massage sessions and nature outings. I can provide sound sessions that integrate into existing retreats or design and facilitate retreats from start to finish.   


  • Sonic Integration

    • Consult, design and integrate multi-sensory sonic experiences into your Spa or place of business. ​Create custom soundscapes and produce unique sound healing tracks to integrate into specific treatments and services enhancing the overall experience for clients. 

  • Conferences

    • ​Sound Healing Workshops for practitioners or as Keynote presentations 

  • Drug Recovery Programs 

    • These sound healing sessions provide drug recovery patients with a multi-sensory experience that is naturally obtained through sound vibrations and helps rewire and reset functions of the brain associated with addiction.

  • Schools, After School Programs and Camps

    • Qi-Gong & Sound healing workshops that help students & teachers prepare for standardized testing.

    • Fun interactive drumming & movement workshops for kids and teachers.

    • Teacher training for integrating sound & movement into current curriculum. 

  • Live Music During Yoga & Meditation Classes

    • Live music to enhance a Yoga practice and create a multi-sensory experience. ​

  • Didgeridoo Workshops

    • Learn to play this amazing instrument that empowers players and listeners and impacts overall health and well being. ​Great for team building at work, school, or community events. 

    • Both private lessons and group lessons available. 

  • Drum Workshops & Lessons

    • ​An experience great for any environment and for any age group or a combination that of. ​

  • Performances

    • Concerts and musical performances for all events: Festivals, Weddings, Private Parties etc. Drum ensembles and Full Electric Bands. 


Sound Healing Workshops, Classes & Concerts
Custom interactive large and small group sound healing workshops for all occasions, settings and ages. 
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